Soggy Glasses will have its world premier at BAM's Next Wave Festival as part of Brooklyn Bred 2 series,
Curated by Martha Wilson.

"Outrageously smart, grotesque and innovative." The New Yorker (ok!)

Now booking for 2015 tour. Please send inquiries to pickense(at)

Using Homer’s Odyssey as a loose framework, Dynasty Handbag will recast the masculine allegory of returning home in a feminist context. The work will traverse the great and murky inner Mediterranean Sea of the self, employing the female physical and spiritual body as the terrain for Dynasty Handbag’s inward journey home. Defining home as the point of arrival to your "true" self, in the process of looking inward, Dynasty Handbag will dismantle the social artifice of self, and triumph over the mirages of persona, in an ultimate Homeric search for her true nature, and she will most likely fail. No heroes here thank you very much.